Argumentative Essay Topics to Guide You

Any student in college is perhaps already accustomed to writing essays on end. At any one point of the semester, you will always have an essay or two to work on you. Through these essays, the relevant instructor wants to examine if you have understood the subject well enough. In other cases, there might also want to evaluate if you have demonstrated decent writing skills.

Most college students, especially those from humanities and social science, will come across argumentative essays quite severally. In this essay, the student is expected to pick a topic they can examine from more than one side. Consequently, their essay should reflect the perspective from which they are addressing the subject.

As such, writing an argumentative essay can sometimes be a challenging task. Generally, most learners are stuck at formulating a suitable topic for the essay. While the writing process might be straightforward when the topic is provided, the contrary can be quite confusing. In some cases, a student might have several plausible topics. On the other hand, a student might be clueless.

Choosing a topic is arguably what makes or breaks your essay. Hence, you must be diligent in coming up with a fitting title for your task. Usually, it is recommended that you pick a topic you are confident of developing at length. This can be a subject you are decently knowledgeable or have an interest in. When you have this nailed down, then writing your essay can be a walk in the park.

H2: Argumentative Essay Topic Examples

It is quite evident that formulating your own topic can be a challenge. In this article, we seek to provide a couple of topics across different fields. These topics can either be transferred directly to your essay. Alternatively, you can use them for inspiration to come up with a topic of your own.

  • Should the death penalty be abolished?
  • Should tobacco be illegal?
  • Would illegalizing tobacco reduce the number of smokers?
  • What are the benefits of competition?
  • Has religion caused war in our societies?
  • What is the significance of fashion?
  • Are we happier as a species with our technological advancements?
  • How can racism be eliminated in our societies?
  • Is there an actual pay gap?
  • What are the downsides to online dating apps?
  • How dependent are we on technology?
  • Do cell phones really cause cancer?
  • Should the internet be more regulated?
  • Are our virtual connections contributing to rising cases of loneliness?
  • Do schools hinder creativity?

From these examples, you can easily establish the basis and objective of an argumentative essay. Your goal in this essay is to pick one point of view that you support. Subsequently, you should carry out the relevant research to justify your argument. It follows then that there is no right or wrong approach, as long as your claims have reliable evidence. Hence, you must proceed to persuade the reader why your perspective matters once you have chosen a topic.

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