3 Considerations to Make for an Argumentative Research Paper

An argumentative research paper requires students to assess evidence from two opposing points of view and present their findings. Writers should try to pick a side in their writing. However, it is essential to offer both sides of the argument to your readers. Most students do not know how they can go about crafting an argumentative research paper. Learn how to develop the three sections in this article.

Introducing Your Argumentative Research Paper

The first paragraph of your write-up should provide the reader with context on the topic you are taking. Hence, it would help if you began by setting the stage with historical or background information on the different schools of thought. Ensure that your audience can find a reason to care about the topic you have chosen. Finally, come up with a thesis statement that pits the two arguments together.

Writing the Body of Your Argumentative Research Paper

This body section should have self-contained paragraphs that discuss a single idea to its entirety. Consider your readers as you write your argumentative research paper. Thus, ensure that the audience can follow your line of reasoning by separating ideas in different paragraphs. Your aim should be to make sure that each opinion logically leads to the next without deviating from the thesis statement you wrote.

You may feel the need to discuss why one of the positions is wrong. Nevertheless, you should strive to resist this common mistake that students make in their writing. The entire essay should expound on the arguments so that the readers can realize their own. Moreover, you should maintain academic honesty in your paper by revealing to the readers the opinions you do not quite understand.

Providing evidence is a crucial part of compiling an argumentative research paper. Consequently, you should intensify your study to cover a wide range of ideas and opinions. Ideally, your teacher requires you to be accurate with the descriptions and discussions. Thus, students must build their aptitude for correctly using the referencing styles required. These skills will allow you to credit the literature that you are using to create your arguments.

Do not forget about using information that conflicts with your chosen position. The argumentative research paper should comprehensively explore different points of view. However, students can find ways to deconstruct the opinions they do not agree with as they write.

Concluding your Research Paper

The last section should provide a conclusive summary to the readers. This paragraph should call back on the thesis statement that the student started with. Afterward, the conclusion should show the audience why the position chosen by the author holds more merit. Include the main points you used to reiterate the importance of the research paper.

As you write your argumentative research paper, do not forget about the structure of this piece. Check with your school guidelines so that you do not omit any crucial sections of the write-up. Also, improve on your use of grammar so that you can reduce the errors you make.

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