Synthesis essay writing is a college essay writing exercise in which you will be required to generate new ideas by combining previously separate ideas. In synthesizing, a writer brings together materials, perhaps old and familiar materials, and fuses them into something new. A writer makes fresh connections. In order to write a good essay of this nature, you will have to come up with a topic that will require you to synthesize and imagine things. There is no way in which you can write without imaginations. In making imaginations, you will be compelled to write more words. The more words you put on paper, the more often you will find that you can discover surprising ideas, original examples, and unexpected relationships.

Synthesis does not take place before you write. If you want to write a good synthesis essay , you will probably find yourself generating more ideas, perhaps more imaginative and startling ideas in the act of writing. You cannot write a good synthesis without reading the work that you want to synthesize repeatedly and closely, marking key points in the text. If you read a complex work only once, thinking that is enough, you are wrong. Even if you are trying to understand only the literal level, you will need to read the work more than once. If your purpose is to use synthesis to comprehend, interpret, and evaluate, you will find that several close readings are necessary.

For an effective synthesis essay , you will have to read what you intend to synthesize for three different reasons. Read to understand. Read for the literal meaning, an overall idea of what the work contains is necessary. Get all the facts straight and be sure you understand all the vocabulary.

Read to interpret. Read to understand the meaning beyond the literal level. Read between the lines. Mark the sections and analyze the parts. Read with an eye for what you seek in the work. Is there an especially hard part? Try putting it into your own words. Is it a difficult piece?

Read to evaluate. Read to assess the soundness and plausibility of what the author says. Are the words appropriate for the purpose and audience? What is the author’s tone? Is it appropriate for the audience? Does the author achieve his or her purpose? Is it a worthwhile purpose? Synthesize what you have discovered from your analysis through all your readings in order to determine the effectiveness and significance of the piece of what you intend to synthesize. For more on these three kinds of reading, see our website.

Synthesis essay should be revised and edited for structure and meaning. Keep in mind that your final essay must create something sensible from what you have synthesized. Your essay should end up as a readable and unified whole. Do not forget to use simple grammar and clear sentence structure. For a description of the basic elements of revision and editing, see the essay tips provided in our service. Learn more about how to buy essay from us and why our custom essays are the best.