Topics to Suit Your Argumentative Essay

English classes are full of different forms of writing, especially in high school. You will always have an essay of sorts looming around the corner. These essays will undoubtedly come in different shapes and sizes. Your instructor is looking to evaluate how well you have grasped the relevant subject in each of them. Furthermore, they are also looking to assess your writing skills.

One of the common types of essays you will encounter in high school is an argumentative essay. In this essay, you are expected to break down two sides of a claim. In which case, you are further required to show where you lie. Usually, the arguments in your essay will demonstrate whether you support or stand against the claim. However, there might also be an occasion where you present a piece of balanced evidence.

Writing an excellent argumentative essay is a culmination of several factors. First and foremost, you require decent skills in research, writing, and analysis. These skills will help you work your way from the topic to the final piece of writing you will submit.

On some occasions, your instructor might provide a topic for the essay. In such a case, progressing is usually straightforward. However, you might be required to formulate your own topics for some argumentative essays. This can be quite challenging for some high school students.

Thus, we shall look at some argumentative essay topics that you can apply or refine to come up with your own.

Choosing a Suitable Topic

When you are expected to create your own topic, you then have the liberty to mold the essay to your own liking. Nevertheless, you should ensure that you think critically and extensively about the topic you will settle for. Most instructors will recommend you pick a topic from a subject you are either well knowledgeable or particularly interested in.

The following are some topics that can guide you in your essay or formulating your own topic.

  • Should education be free for everyone from elementary to higher learning?
  • What is causing the rise of obesity in the US?
  • Does technology impede learning?
  • At what age should a person join the military?
  • Should students have the liberty to choose their own subjects to learn?
  • Which foreign language should you learn besides English?
  • What is the significance of the SAT and ACT?
  • Does taking part in NCAA affect the student’s academics?
  • Should video games be restricted for students?
  • Does technology exacerbate loneliness?
  • What impact does technology have in education?
  • Should cloning be prohibited?
  • Who should fund social movements?
  • The impact of global warming.
  • Can you make a living from art?

As you may have established, these topics are looking to address real-life circumstances. Most of them will handle educational, societal, and sometimes personal problems. Thus, the onus is typically on the student to make their claim and provide evidence to support their argument.

In conclusion, an argumentative essay is about persuading your reader to look at the subject from your perspective.

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