4 Tips on Writing an Admission Essay for Graduate School

Although you have come across numerous composition assignments in high school, an admission essay is quite different. Sure, this kind of write-up resembles the other paper writing schoolwork. Students follow the typical format of an introduction, then a body, and finally a conclusion. Also, learners are required to pay attention to the grammar and the choice of words they use.

The admission essay acts as an introductory piece to allow the admitting committee to understand the applicant’s character better. Of course, graduate schools focus on finding academically qualified individuals to fill open spots in the programs they run.

Write a Captivating Introduction

Applying for graduate school means that you are vying for similar positions with other equally academically qualified individuals. As such, the admitting board goes through many applications and selects those who would join based on their admission essay’s brilliance. Due to the high number of write-ups that they go through, students should catch their attention early on in the paper. How can you write an attention-grabbing introduction?

Your admission essay should make a lasting impression on the reader early on in the first paragraph. You have numerous options from posing a question to addressing the readers directly with a bold statement. Plus, students can use a fitting quote to start things off or try to insert the reader into the story. Let your thesis statement show your subject of intent for the admission essay.

Let Your Personality Show in the Admission Essay

Admission essays do not call upon students to state facts. Remember that this submission differs from the others you write as schoolwork. Hence, your character should be evident in the paper you send in. Think of the admission essay you are working on as a personal statement—it communicates the values you hold, goals you have set, and the path you want to take.

Making an admission essay personal can be trying since many students do not know how to express themselves. To avoid running into a brick wall with this paper, you need to engage your creativity. Are there any life experiences that you would like to share? Do you have any achievements that warrant and explanation through a personalized piece?

Make Your Admission Essay Readable

If you have had challenges with grammar in your schoolwork, it would be best to address it before you start on your admission essay. There is no room for errors when it comes to this essential paper. Improve your use of punctuations, syntax, and grammar in your writing. Make an effort to skim through your admission essay to remove all the mistakes you may have made. You can also ask one of your teachers to proofread your paper.

In summary, you need to ensure that you present a well-organized admission essay. This formatting entails finding a readable font and consistently spacing out the paragraphs. Lastly, maintain the same structure throughout the paper.

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