Starting Your Admission Essay for College: 4 Strategies

Writing a brilliant admission essay can guarantee that you get into the school you have been dreaming about. Typically, this write-up is restrictive in terms of the number of words students are advised to write. Consequently, applicants struggle with coming up with an appropriate start to their admission essay. If you find the process of penning the first word to your application, read on!

Focus on Understanding the Prompts

Most colleges that request applicants to send in admission essays give out prompts to guide the students. These texts work as a set of instructions that guide the writer when working on their paper. Some colleges employ the use of out of the box prompts that force the applicant to fully engage their creativity.

It is quite challenging to develop a brilliant admission essay if you do not know the parameters the admitting board is looking for. It would be best if you seek advice from your teachers regarding the prompt you are working with. Your high school instructors can be your wealth of knowledge when it comes to finding the right way to approach the write-up.

Are there Life Experience You Wish to Share?

Many students pursue extracurricular activities that complement their resume. Ideally, most of the events and competitions should provide the learners with experience in the field they want to venture into. Scholars participate and end up acquiring impressive skills that improve their likelihood of gaining admittance.

Settle on a Story You Want to Tell

As the adage goes, “there are two sides to a coin.” This saying hints on how you can find different ways of telling the same story. Deliberate on which angle to approach the life experience you chose to share in the previous stage. Remember that the prompt plays a significant role in your decision. The perspective you want should address the instructions for the admission essay.

Hook Your Audience in the First Paragraph

Once you have gone through the three stages above, you must turn your attention to writing the first paragraph. It helps create an outline so that you can have a short preview of your final admission essay. This draft is useful when you are trying to organize your thoughts. Plus, it can help you when you are stuck trying to come up with a thesis statement.

Since your audience has many other applications to sift through, your introductory paragraph should grab their attention. You can abandon all the clichés that you depended on while in high school. Let your personality and creativity show when you are penning the first part of your admission essay. This will help to ensure that your readers are invested in finish the rest of the write-up.

Give yourself enough time to tackle your admission essay. Do not let yourself fall victim to the last-minute rush as it may negatively affect the quality of your submission. Keep to the tips above so that you can avoid lacking something inspiring to write.

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