35 Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Argumentative research papers topics are often challenging to find. If you have such an assignment, check out these 35 brilliant examples of subjects you can choose to write about. However, remember to alter these instances to suit your writing styles or opinions on the issues.

35 Topics You Can Choose

The examples below come from multiple fields. Regardless of the course you are currently undertaking; you can try out these topics for your research paper. Plus, doing a comprehensive study on the subjects given below can help you improve your submission quality.

  1. The genesis of climate change: is humanity the cause?
  2. Should we continue to use the death penalty as deterrence against crime?
  3. Can we count on democracy as a fool-proof way to elect leaders?
  4. Can we justify the use of torture as a way of getting vital information from suspects?
  5. Should we allow husbands to leave work for a time if they have a child?
  6. Is taxation a productive method of funding government expenditure?
  7. Is it acceptable to allow animal testing in research facilities?
  8. Is it time to ban the use of cigarettes?
  9. Are police officers invading out privacy if they use cameras while on duty?
  10. Are morals degrading more with each subsequent generation?
  11. Should we introduce an authority that determines the foods we are allowed to eat?
  12. Is sex education a significant deterrent against teenage pregnancy?
  13. Should we review the salaries given to sportspersons?
  14. Should we allow corporations to target children in their advertisements?
  15. Is the gaming industry responsible for violence among the youth?
  16. Is it practical to ban the use of fossil fuels on our roads?
  17. Should we reconsider the minimum age that people are allowed to drink?
  18. Can we implement stringent measures to force the public to engage in recycling their waste?
  19. Should we allow incarcerated persons to engage in the electoral process?
  20. Is there a need to remove the holiday period from schools?
  21. Are religious beliefs responsible for war?
  22. Is it justified to legalize abortion?
  23. Are there societal benefits to allowing euthanasia?
  24. Should the health care of people be the sole responsibility of the government?
  25. Is there a need to reduce the high financial investment associated with higher learning?
  26. Is introducing strict gun control measures the correct response to the escalating violence?
  27. Should we allow children to pray publicly in schools?
  28. Is there a need to review the taxation laws governing both the rich and the poor?
  29. Are teachers to blame for poor school performances by students?
  30. Should we make physical education mandatory in school?
  31. Do people gain or lose more jobs due to the introduction of technology?
  32. Is stopping sports hunting an effective way of curbing poaching?
  33. Is the gaming and movie industry sexist?
  34. Are there merits that come from war?
  35. Should we ban contact sports in school so that we can prevent terrible injuries on students?

The list given above is not exhaustive. Take your time when you are looking for a topic so that you do not make a hasty decision. After all, your overall performance depends on your ability to deliver an excellent argumentative essay.

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